Recent research students (2015/2016)

    • Eyuel Seyoum (’18) joined the lab in Fall 2015. He is a Cell Biology/Biochemistry major considering declaring computer science as a second major. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, pool and table tennis. He is working on using transcriptomics to study the effects of developmental stress on black-legged kittiwake chicks. He says “I am really excited to be part of this awesome lab group!”
    • Nicole Rupnik (’19) joined the lab in Fall 2016. She is a field hockey player and biology student who is working on behavioral analysis of black-legged kittiwake chicks.
    • Ben Skalla (’18) joined the lab in Fall 2015. He is a biology major with a German minor, with the intent to study medicine after graduating from Bucknell. He snowboards for the Ski Team at Bucknell. In his free time, he enjoys running, skateboarding, and playing various intramural sports. He is spending the 2016-2017 academic year abroad in Munich. 
    • Katie Edwards (’19) joined the lab in Fall 2015. She is a Biology major, and a Presidential Fellow. As a high-school student, she conducted award-winning research on the effects of temperature on butterfly egg viability. While she hasn’t yet figured out what she wants to be when she grows up (other than happy), she is considering a career in research. Outside of the lab, she can be found reading mystery novels and playing tennis.
    • Julia Mammone (’17) joined the lab in Fall 2015. is an Animal Behavior major. She is also a Presidential Fellow who previously conducted research in the Psychology department, studying how learning and motivation affect the appetites of rats. She hasn’t yet decided what she wants to do after college, but she expects that it will be something science-related. Her favorite two things in the world are animals (otters in particular) and eating (especially trying new foods).
Lab dinner, dogs & all.

Fall 2015 Lab dinner, dogs & all. (Julia, Eyuel, Ben & Katie)