Lab alums

Kim Fisher & Catherine Baker

Work hard, play hard!

Work hard, play hard, wear chicken hats.

Wayne Li (’09) is currently in his second year of Family Medicine residency at Inspira Health Network in Vineland, NJ and will be applying for a Sports Medicine fellowship (Sept. 2015)

Melissa Hodge (’11) has her M.S. in Public Health and is an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society (Sept 2015).

Kaitlyn Sweeny (’12) is graduating from Commonwealth Medical College and beginning an Ob/Gyn residency at Geisinger (Fall 2017).

Colleen Garrehy (’12) is currently working for Accenture as a Strategy Analyst, implementing problem solving to help organizations improve their business performance, but aspires to eventually get her PhD in either positive psychology, or industrial and organizational psychology (Sept 2015).

Catherine Baker (’12)  is in her 3rd year of medical school at Wright State University in Ohio, currently hoping to go into pediatrics.  She still remembers the Benowitz-Fredericks Lab every day when she looks at the “Peace Love Chickens” sticker on her laptop! (Sept 2015)

Laney Hayssen (’13) is working as an analyst at a pharmaceutical consulting company in New York City (Sept 2015).

Jeff Simkins (’13) is working on a PhD in chemical engineering at Montana State University, attempting to pioneer a new technique to measure oxygen distribution in bacterial biofilms (Sept 2015).

Katie McAvoy (’13) is graduating from University of Maryland Medical school and beginning a residency at Yale (Fall 2017).

Faria Sanjana (’13)  is finishing her Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT, working on a low back pain clinical research study for her thesis and working part-time analyzing heart rate variability data at Columbia University Medical Center. (Sept 2015)

Kim Fisher (’14) just finished a year-long research internship at Zoo Atlanta, studying primates, and is now attending California State University Long Beach for her M.S. in Biology, studying anti-predator defenses in striped skunks, specifically comparing the different defenses utilized based on predator type (ex: terrestrial vs aerial predator) and predator stimuli detected (ex: auditory vs olfactory vs visual cues). (Sept 2015)

John Dugan (’15)  is a Biotechnology student studying protein misfolding and neurodegeneration in the Alzheimer’s brain (Sept 2016).

Ally Flessel (’15) is now working at Google Life Sciences in Mountain View California, where she is currently assisting with the development and testing of their health-tracking wristband, Study Kit (Sept 2015).

Arielle Caplin (’15) is in medical school at Rutgers (Sept 2016).

Faria Sanjana, Katie McAvoy, ZMBF & Jeff Simkins

Faria Sanjana, Katie McAvoy, ZMBF & Jeff Simkins

Katie McAvoy working on her honors thesis

Katie McAvoy working on her honors thesis